Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Final Review For Samsung Omnia HD at PhoneArena

Great News! Another And The Final Review For Omnia HD Is Already Published By The World Most Popular Mobile Online Magazine PhoneArena,It Is Including Many Photos For This Device From OS Symbian,Apps,Multimedia Audio Player(Supports Dolby Surround 5.1 ch),Video Player(Wow It Can Playes Movies With Subtitle) Camera Photo Quality(With More Effects),Internet Browser Pages And Tools More And More,I Think You Will Recieve The Answer of Your Many Questions About This Fantastic Mobile Phone There Don't Miss It!

Tnx To PhoneArena:

Review: http://www.phonearena.com/htmls/Samsung-OMNIA-HD-Preview-review-r_2131.html

Photo Gallery: http://www.phonearena.com/htmls/Samsung-OMNIA-HD-Preview-review-gallery-r_2131.html

Download Official Samsung Omnia HD Promo Video For Your Phone!

Well I Think You Know The Official Samsung Omnia HD Promo Video Is Released And Ready For TV Channels,And We Talked About It Before (Refer To Official Samsung Omnia HD Demo Video on MWC 2009) And The Release Date Is Very Soon,So I Have A Gift For You,You Can Download The Video Here And Watch It On Your Phone Also Share It With Your Friends And Post Your Comments Here That's Really A Cool Job,The Quality Is Good ;D Special Samsung Omnia HD Promo Videos For Your Phones:

1) Samsung Omnia And LG Phones DivX Version: http://rapidshare.com/files/215674491/Samsung_Omnia_HD_Promo_Video__General_Samsung_

2) Pocket PC wmv Version: http://rapidshare.com/files/215676820/Samsung_

3) iPhone mp4 Version: http://rapidshare.com/files/215681490/Samsung_

4) General Mobile Phones 3gp Version: http://rapidshare.com/files/215681991/Samsung_

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Samsung Omnia HD HQ Photos

Hi Guys.I Uploaded The Best Of Newest Photos For Brand New Samsung Omnia HD Today.All The Photos Are High Quality (HQ),We Know The Release Date Is Very Soon But Not Official Yet,Here Is Some Rumors About It But Finally News Will Publish Here,You Can Download This RAR File From Link Below Just Extract And Enjoy It,From MWC 09 And Including Details About Symbian OS,The Games,Media Quality,GPS,Apps,Internet Browser....


Sunday, 22 March 2009

Samsung Movies Download Movies For Your Omnia HD!

Great News! Samsung Mobile Decided To Bring New Idea To Your Mobile Phone Life,Well The Future Of Mobile Phones Is Very Exciting!"Samsung Movies" Is A New Part For Samsuing Mobile Website (www.SamsungMovies.com) And It Will Support New Omnia HD Too,It Already Offers About 500 New&Old And Including 2008&09 Movies.You Can Download Them by Your Omnia HD (Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition (S8300) Too)Or PC,Aspect Ratio Is Encoded In 16:9 And It's Exactly The Standard Size Of Omnia HD,You Can Watch A Preview Before Purchasing,The Quality Is Very High,Audio Is Stereo And Can Be In Surround 5.1 Soon,When You Buy Or Rent a Movie You Will Receive 2 Licenses 1 For Your PC/TV One For Your Mobile Device.You Can Order Your Movie Before Omnia HD Now! And Don't Forgot The Omnia HD Is The First Portable Cinema Mobile HD In Your Hands!:D

Sunday, 15 March 2009

New Review For Samsung Omnia HD

Exactly A Few Hours Ago,The Old Famous Website "All About Symbian" Published An Hot Review With New Photos Of Omnia HD,Their Lucky Omnia HD Has Latest Firmware,You Can Read New Info About Fantastic HD Camera And Download Videos For The Quality of Record.

Video Capture:

720p (1280 by 720 pixels)
720 by 480 (the 16:9 widescreen version of VGA)
640 by 480 (VGA)
320 by 240 (QVGA)

Here You Must Go: www.allaboutsymbian.com/reviews/item/A_day_with_the_Samsung_Omnia_HD-Hardware_and_First_Impressions_.php

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Win Your Samsung Omnia HD! A Gift For Samsung Mobile Fans!

Do You Want To Be The First Person To Have Omnia HD On Your Hands!? Come On & Hurry Up,According To The Official Samsung Omnia HD Website(http://infotainment.samsungmobile.com/competition) You Can Fill The Application Form And Post It To Samsung,Don't Forget The Form Is Including A Mission For You! It's A Word Doc Or PDF File (You Can Choice One Of Them) The 50 Most Interesting Applicants Will Be Selected To Become An Ambassador,You Will Also Be Invited To Samsung For A Secret Mission! It's A Great Chance For You To Be A Part Of That! For Real Samsung Mobile Fans!

Friday, 6 March 2009

Interview With David Harold (Head of PR)

Hello Friends,We Have A Special Interview For You Today And With David Harold,We Know Him From POWERVR,Of Course He Is Head Of POWERVR,Well He Tell Us Some New Info About Brand New Samsung Omnia HD,Sure For Read:

01) What's POWERVR SGX?

The POWERVR™ SGX Graphics Processing Unit family is a series of highly efficient, scalable graphics acceleration IP cores for next generation consumer, communications and computing applications. The family has a feature set that exceeds the requirements of OpenGL 2.0 and Microsoft Shader Model 3, enabling 2D, 3D and general purpose (GP-GPU) processing in a single core.

02) What Can It (POWERVR SGX) Do On New Generation Of Mobile Phones?

Well, it's shader based for a start, like the latest PCs and games consoles.
Shaders are a newer graphics paradigm which allow the developer to program the GPU's rendering pipeline. This allows far more customisation and creativity than the older "fixed-function" graphics parts, and can be more efficient too.

03) Please Tell Us About Your Chip On New Samsung omnia HD (i8910)?

In the Omnia HD POWERVR SGX is in the Texas Instrument's OMAP3 SoC. Imagination and Samsung worked together to develop demonstrations of the phone’s stunning shader-based graphics capabilities for the MWC show in Barcelona last month (Feb 09). As well as our own shader graphics demos we also showed some new gaming content at MWC -Kroll from Barcelona's Digital Legends, who are old friends of ours.

04) Have You Ever Seen New Samsung Omnia HD And What's Your Opinion?

Yep - in fact those are my hands on the You Tube video you have linked on your site*. I think it's a great phone and I'm hoping to get one. In the meantime we're planning on taking one to GDC in San Francisco with us to show off more content.

05) How Do You See The Future Of Mobile Phones Graphic Technology?

For the next few years we're going to see an ongoing transition from OpenGL ES 1.1 capable phones, which will still be the biggest part of the market for a while, to OpenGL ES 2.0 capable phones like the Omnia HD. We've also just introduced some new POWERVR SGX cores which enable further HD support and multi-processor support. The future for mobile graphics is going to be very exciting.

Thank You David