Sunday, 22 March 2009

Samsung Movies Download Movies For Your Omnia HD!

Great News! Samsung Mobile Decided To Bring New Idea To Your Mobile Phone Life,Well The Future Of Mobile Phones Is Very Exciting!"Samsung Movies" Is A New Part For Samsuing Mobile Website ( And It Will Support New Omnia HD Too,It Already Offers About 500 New&Old And Including 2008&09 Movies.You Can Download Them by Your Omnia HD (Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition (S8300) Too)Or PC,Aspect Ratio Is Encoded In 16:9 And It's Exactly The Standard Size Of Omnia HD,You Can Watch A Preview Before Purchasing,The Quality Is Very High,Audio Is Stereo And Can Be In Surround 5.1 Soon,When You Buy Or Rent a Movie You Will Receive 2 Licenses 1 For Your PC/TV One For Your Mobile Device.You Can Order Your Movie Before Omnia HD Now! And Don't Forgot The Omnia HD Is The First Portable Cinema Mobile HD In Your Hands!:D

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  1. heylo, thank you for sharing! been learning from your article :)